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Per Neuman - Director Este Lauder"Miss Bruce is exactly the right person to build successful brands in the UK. I worked with her when she was responsible for Bobbi Brown's success in the UK. She has drive and flair and makes things happen. She is also great to work with and is being really successful with foothold."

Per Neuman, Managing Director Estee Lauder Companies UK


Ellis Faas"We are sooooooo pleased with the staff foothold recruited for us in the UK. They also do our payroll and are really efficient.

They totally understand the UK Market and are great to work with."

Thijs Faas - Ellis Faas


Lauren & Lisa Golfaden
"Foothold's unparalleled support has been instrumental in leading to the success of Goldfaden MD throughout the UK. Entering a new and unfamiliar market is daunting for any brand, but given Annie’s expert navigation, knowledge of the market and incredible support coupled with Barclay’s attention to detail and financial expertise, Foothold makes the perfect team.

They have quickly become an overall extension of our team with the same goals in mind, an incredible collaborator and an unsurpassed support system. We could not imagine spearheading the growth of our brand throughout the UK without them. Foothold is the company that you want to speak with if you are looking to successfully grow your brand - period. Highly recommend and more."

Lauren & Lisa Goldfaden - Goldfaden MD

"I've had the pleasure of working with foothold for the last couple of years with SENSAI and am really impressed with their input and management - they recruited superb staff for one of our Heidi Banningercounters, they managed them and introduced a very effective commission system, they resolved our client database and did our e-blasts and mail shots. Overall they improved sales by a substantial margin.

They also helped deal with the store merchandisers and stock anomalies and made a big difference to overall performance. They really know the UK Market.

Highly recommended". Heidi Bänninger - Sensai - Japan

Malin & Goetz

"foothold has been a great partner for us.

They have helped us launch our UK business, strategically expand and grow, while remaining flexible to our specific needs and business model."

Matthew Malin, CEO, (MALIN+GOETZ).


"foothold were a great help to us when we came to the UK - when you are not local, having a guide for your people on the ground is essential when finding your way around a new market.

We found them to be an excellent sounding board, they have a really in-touch knowledge of the UK beauty market."

Sarah Gibbs - Trilogy


Carisa Janes - Hourglass
"We launched in Liberty in the UK and they recommended foothold to supervise the management of the counter, staff recruitment and HR, payroll etc.. as well as helping with on-line marketing and setting up our UK Corporation. The launch has been a stunning success and help from Annie Bruce of foothold has been beyond price.

Hourglass is really grateful for foothold's help in making Hourglass one of the fastest growing colour brands in the UK. For any new cosmetic brand in the UK that needs to gain a foothold - foothold are the people to talk to!"

Carisa Janes
Founder and Owner - Hourglass Cosmetics


Francesco Clark"I am so pleased with how foothold helps to maintain and grow our sales in the UK. Their attention to detail is unparalleled."

Foothold has helped Clarks increase sales by a factor of 10x since taking on the management of the brand in the UK.

Click here for the story of how Clarks Botanicals and its products began.

Francesco Clark - Founder - Clarks Botanicals


Prof. Barry Stickings CBE
Professor Barry Stickings MA (Oxon) CBE
Former President Europe BASF Aktiengesellschaft

"I have worked with Barclay on a several brands and new product launches - from design through to manufacture, launch, distribution and ongoing marketing and supply. On each occasion the brand has been completely successful.

Through foothold this almost unique combination of skill sets and practical experience is now available to other brands wise enough to engage them at an early stage. I can thoroughly recommend this quite excellent company to any luxury brand considering a UK launch."


Kate Robertson"I have known Annie for ever - we worked together when she was taking UK colour by storm (still is apparently) and I was involved is Global Marketing and she is absolutely the top guru for beauty in the UK.

If you are lucky enough to persuade her firm to look after your brand then grab the opportunity with both hands and you will never regret it! Absolutely the right starting place for a new luxury brand."

Kate Robertson
Group Chairman, Euro RSCG, One Young World Co-Founder 


Dr Paul Clayton
“I have worked with Barclay on a number of brands.

He is outstanding at detail and control, while never losing sight of wider goals and end-points.

Great vision.”

Dr Paul Clayton. Fellow and the former President of the Food and Health Section of The Royal Society of Medicine; former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK Government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines. Chair, Scientific Advisory Board at Itogha

Catherine Bossom"foothold are one of the best brand managers in the UK at the moment - if you want to launch a new brand talk to them.

They not only have the right ideas and know the market but they have the sales teams and support services to make it work on an on-going basis.

Highly recommended!"

Catherine Bossom - Head Buyer


Daryl Fielding
Daryl Fielding
- VP Marketing Kraft, former Managing Partner Ogilvy & Mather.

"Over the years, whenever I have had to service major cosmetics brands, I always consult Annie Bruce about the latest trends in the market. She is simply that knowledgeable!"

Dr Lamees Hamdan
"foothold have been invaluable in helping Shiffa establish itself in the UK. Being based in Dubai and the leading Middle Eastern skincare brand, we were virtually unknown in the UK so we had to find the right partners.

After trying on our own for a while things really started to happen once we engaged foothold and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone launching a luxury brand in the UK."

Dr Lamees Hamdan - Founder Shiffa Dubai